camp foodAdults with allergies and parents and their child, along with school and camp staff need to work together to manage food allergies safely.

Planning and preparation

Planning ahead is critical:

1. Ensure two adrenaline autoinjectors are within their expiry date and the ASCIA Action Plan is current. It is important to ensure that other medications (e.g. antihistamines, asthma reliever puffers) are also within expiry.

2. Meet with the camp coordinator well in advance and discuss the following:

3. Meet with the camp operators in advance and discuss the following:

4.  Speak to the chef/cook at the camp at least 10 working days in advance (to give them adequate time to plan and order food):

If you are concerned about the ability of the camp to provide appropriate meals (particularly if a person has multiple allergies), consider providing your own meals.  Often the main meals can be catered for, but snacks may need to be provided, depending on the food allergies being managed.

Camp checklist:

Camp book available for purchase:

Preparing for Camp and Overnight School Trips with Food Allergies

Content updated July 2017