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Storing food


  • For very young children you may choose not to have the allergen in the house. This may be difficult with foods that make up a large part of a typical diet - such as wheat, eggs and milk (dairy). In this case, different strategies to reduce the risk of eating or drinking the food, can be put in place.
  • Have an easily identifiable storage place in the pantry and fridge for allergen free food (e.g. wheat free flour).
  • Allergen free foods should ideally be stored up high to reduce the risk of other foods spilling into/onto them.
  • Keep foods in their original packaging where possible so ingredient labels can be checked before consuming.
  • Use clean containers and label them clearly if food cannot be kept in its original packaging.

Food Storage

This short practical video is one of seven that have been developed to help you to choose, store and prepare foods if you or a family member or friend has a food allergy.

Content updated October 2021